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Mazechit tailors the chitfund operations virtually and has a standard track on finance & transactions.

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Exclusive features of MazeChit software

Continual updation of tools and features

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    Easy Access

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    User Friendly

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    Highly Secured

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    Regular Alerts

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    Mobile app

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    Premium Features

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    Easy Access

    Innovative technology made simple

    MazeChit is a user-friendly chit fund software that can be easily accessed anywhere, any time without constraints. The chit fund management service can be integrated into a laptop, desktop or any smart mobile device. So the owner of the chit fund or the admin can access the reports, updates and transactions from multi-location.

    If you own multiple branches, the information can be viewed or retrieved from your device from a single point of access, irrespective of whether you are in the office or home. Managing your business on remote gives you the flexibility to work from your place of preference.

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    User Friendly

    Seamless operations online and offline

    Works equally well in offline and online mode by providing great clarity and efficiency. The user can access and download emails, group posts and web pages even when he is offline with this application. This online chit fund software solution is effective offline and online for users who are on the move, even when there is no Internet access.

    Multiple users like the admins, employees and subscribers can access the software simultaneously for seamlessly updating the transactions, reports, revenues and scheme charts.

    online chit fund software
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    Highly Secured

    Personal data of members is intact

    Any information of subscribers provided in the software is maintained using high-security wall ensuring confidentiality within the company. Members need not feel apprehensive to give mandatory details or their financial details to your company.

    The security of information given by the member is protected by encrypted passwords, user based rights and auto logouts. The information uploaded into the chit fund application will not at any point be disclosed to anyone. No one can have access to the details as it is well secured with a firewall on priority.

    chit fund business
  • chit fund business

    Regular Alerts

    Experience continuous updates

    The updates on the payments and notification details are sent through emails and SMS services. The very purpose of this online chit fund software is to keep the members informed about everyday updates. As soon as a member pays an instalment, he will be notified with an SMS on receipt of the amount.

    Similarly, when there are any dues to be paid by the subscribers, you can send a reminder SMS to them for follow up and payment. Instant SMS alerts and email services help the chit fund proprietor and the members to experience a smooth communication without a hassle.

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    Mobile app

    Automating Chit funds operations at all levels

    Mazechit's integrated mobile app can be installed in smartphones for complete and quick coordination between the administrator, clients and the customers. The prerequisite for using this app is a good mobile network or Wi-Fi. Using mobile Apps for the business allows the chit fund owner the flexibility in carrying out paperless transactions and complete transparency in collections, SMS notifications, auction schedules and facility to track down collections agents and their location. The subscribers find this App very helpful to follow up on their chit fund account as well.

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    Personalised to client’s preferences

    MazeChit software is installed with default features and it can be customized according to the needs of the client company and their members as well. Apart from the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, we have the option of customizing the application as per the customer’s preference. The chit fund software has the versatility to add or remove extensions of features for specific services.

    chit fund software free download
  • chit fund software free download

    Premium Features

    With the technology and the work nature constantly evolving, we see to it that our clients receive the benefits of the software that takes business to the next level. To enjoy the competitiveness of the software, renew it every year and gain additional features to make business easier.

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    chit fund software free download
chit fund software free download

MazeChit online software takes your chit fund business to the next level

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Highlights of MazeChit Software

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    Personalized Application

    Custom designed, attractive dashboard to make it exclusively custom made for your company. Customers have the choice of installing the best-suited package offered by us. Are you confused about which package to buy? We can help customize your chit fund software to your business requirements.

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    Customer Support

    After-sale customer support and technical support is provided all the year round. Our support team will be happy to assist you with every issue you encounter. You can subscribe for an Annual Maintenance Contract for comprehensive support.

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    MazeChit App offers simple, effective solutions to the company owner and his members where customers can access their account on the mobile device from anywhere; a great time-saver.

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    New feature releases

    Our development team frequently update existing features and add new features. Usually, the customers’ requests and feedbacks are taken while updating the application on a regular basis. Our customers can avail the updated version of the software with complete support from our technical team.

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