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  • Head Office

    The Company’s principal place of business is the primary location for business operations and is created under Head Office.

  • Branch

    The chit fund company has a single branch (or) multiple branches, and the branch or branches are created accordingly in the Masters. The bonus, penalty, interest and commission percentage are determined at the branch level.

  • Scheme

    A scheme is created based on the chit value. The number of members and months for the scheme will be mapped to the group. This scheme module is also used for commitment chit.

  • Group

    In the group, the schemes are mapped, based on the number of members in the scheme. Once the group is full, the auction process starts. At the group level, penalties, bonuses, and interest percentages are established.

  • Slabs

    Slabs are of multiple

    Slab Due

    The due amount of the particular scheme is mentioned. The Slab Due is also used for commitment chits.

    Slab for Bonus

    The bonus slab determines the bonus amount of a particular scheme and based on the levels, with effect from and to are mentioned.

    Slab for Penalty

    The Penalty amount of particular scheme, based on various levels with effect from and to are mentioned.

    Slab for Interest

    The Interest slab, establishes the Interest amount of a particular scheme and based on levels with effect from and to are mentioned.

    Slab for Payment

    Slab for payment is used in commitment chits. The commitment chit payment amount is fixed in this slab.

  • Bank Details

    The bank details of the Chit Fund Company for a particular branch, it’s transactions and payment modules are entered.

  • City

    City and Pincode is added based on the district.

  • Collection Area

    The collection areas can be assigned, based on the branch.

  • Collection Area Mapping

    Enable mapping a particular employee to multiple collection areas. One collection agent can have multiple collection areas.

  • Charge Type

    Helps maintain the charge type like Document charges,Enrollment Fee and it will be mapped to other receipt charges.

  • Relationship

    The relationship module is used to create a relationship and map it to the customer.

  • Auction On Holidays

    To create auction on holidays, alert messages are notified when auctions are conducted on holidays.

  • Petty Cash Expense Type

    Petty cash expense type is used to add the heads of petty cash.

  • Customer

    The customer module is used to add customers to a particular branch. The customer-wise penalty, bonus, and interest percentage is added. The referred type is entered once the customer is enrolled in a particular group and the commission percentage is added to the person who referred.

  • Guarantor

    Guarantor module adds the name of the Guarantor to a particular customer.

  • Customer Enrollments

    Enroll the customer to a particular group, and once the group is full the customers will proceed to auction. A dummy customer can also be enrolled. While customer is enrolled, the payment type such as daily, weekly, monthly can be mentioned.

  • Auctions

    An auction is conducted to determine the lowest amount a customer is willing to take for the particular month.

  • Document Collection

    The documents are collected from both customers and guarantors.

  • Receipt Details

    The monthly chit amount due from customers is collected, the receipt is generated and listed in the receipt report.

  • Role

    The role is designated for the staff for the particular branch. Based on the role given, access to the software is given to authorized employees.

  • Designation

    Create a designation based on the role to be assigned to the employee. This module enables the entry of designation of each Employee

  • Employee

    Add the employee to a particular branch and also assign “employee type”, whether business agent or employee. An employee’s incentive will be calculated based on their performance. A Business agent’s commission will be added once a customer’s enrollment is complete

  • Employee Login

    A unique login can be created for every employee.

  • Employee Attendance

    Daily attendance is recorded and captured in the employee attendance module.

  • Petty Cash Income

    The branch is provided with a specified amount for petty expenses and it is easy to view the amount spent and balance through petty cash income.

  • Petty Cash Expense

    Daily expenses can be created and captured in the petty cash expense module.

  • The lead management module creates a lead and capture the follow up status.

  • Enrollment report

    Enrollment report is used to see all the enrollment details

    • Enrollment report- Helps view the list of enrolled customers
    • Vacant report- View the vacant count of the group
    • Payment refund report- If a customer exits from the group, we can track the refund amount of the customer
  • Outstanding Report

    The outstanding report for a customer, employee, and Groupwise can be viewed

    • Groupwise Outstanding- We can view the Groupwise outstanding amount for each group
    • Commitment customer outstanding- We can view the Commitment outstanding amount for each person
  • Auction Report

    Auction report is used to see the auction details of the branch and group.

  • Payment Report

    Payment details are shown in this report.

    • Payment pending report
    • Payment release report
    • Commitment payment report
    • Commitment pending report
  • Transaction Report

    Transaction details are shown in this report

    • Receipt Report- View customer wise receipt report and details of the collection Employee
    • Advance Receipt Report- Receipt of advance amount paid details
    • Other Receipt Charges-
    • Commitment Receipt Report- View customer wise receipt and details of the collection Employee
  • Accounts Report

    Accounts details are shown in the Accounts Report module

    • Accounts report - View the custom payment details on custom date wise
    • Day closing report- We can view the collection details of the particular day
  • Business Development Report

    Business development activities are shown in this module

    • Business Agent Report- Business agent commission details can be viewed
    • Commission Payment Report - Paid amount details for each Agent can be viewed
    • Commission Pending Report- Commission pending report can view through this module
  • Create user access on this module based on the roles we assign to the user.

  • This module enables us to assign the customers to conduct the commitment auction.

    • Slab for Payments- Slab for payment is used in commitment chit and the commitment chit payment amount is fixed in this slab.
    • Commitment Auctions- Commitment auction will be conducted on commitment customers
  • We can view the customer’s basic information and account information in one place.

  • The cancel dividend option is to use the canceled dividend amount for a particular customer.