Web-Based Application

Online MazeChit software is a versatile Web-based ERP Application and Client-Server Application for Chit fund companies. It provides secured online access to its subscribers on information on the next payment, loan details, etc., facilitating all essential features required to streamline chit fund activities.

MazeChit – Chit Fund Software, not only systemizes all activities but also helps cut down on reports preparation time, enhancing the quality and accuracy of information. Subscriber-wise ledger, Guarantors data, Defaulter list, Agent-wise Business, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement can be generated in seconds. This would result in optimum utilization of resources and high-quality information giving goodwill among members.

Mobile Application

The MazeChit Mobile Application simplifies complex chit fund activities. The highlights of this smartphone App are work from anywhere, paperless office and cost-saving as it reduces running expenses. Customers will be able to access all the transactions and information they need by simply logging into the app using the user name and password. Also, payments are made and receipts are generated through this app; all this from the convenience of their home or workplace.

The coordinator can make chits, add members, view outstandings, conduct bids, and auctions with one application. The MazeChit Mobile App enables smooth and transparent communication between the chit fund management, subscribers and staff.

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Type of Chit supported

  • Auction Chit
  • Slab Based Chit
  • Commitment Chit
  • Profit Chit

Security Management

  • User-based rights
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Auto Logout
  • Approval Mapping
  • Log Monitoring
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Alerts and Intimation

  • SMS alert to customer
  • Email alert to customer
  • Email intimation to Administration
  • Email intimation to Employee
  • Whatsapp alert to customer
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Customer Management

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Chit Details
  • Customer Document Management
  • Customer Wise Bonus, Penalty Calculation
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Group Management

  • Group Creation
  • Adding Customer to group
  • Assigning Ticket
  • GroupWise Bonus, Penalty Calculation
  • Applicable Date
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Employee Management

  • Employee Atttendance
  • Incentive Calculation
  • Performance Report
  • Collection agent Report
  • Business agent report
  • Collection Area mapping for a particular Employee
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Guarantor Management

  • Guarantor Registration
  • Guarantor Document Collection
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Petty Cash Management

  • Petty cash Income
  • Petty cash Expense
  • Petty cash Based Report
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Loan Module

  • Loan Payment
  • Loan Receipts
  • Loan Based Reports
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Lead Management

  • Add Leads
  • Lead Followups
  • Based Reports

Mobile App Integration

  • Owner Mobile Application
  • Employee Mobile Application
  • Customer Mobile Application
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Customer Notification

  • Auction Entries
  • Dividend amount to other Group members
  • Auction Details via SMS
  • Auction Intimation to customer
  • Auction participation Details
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Customer Portal

  • Customer Mobile App
  • Login Via OTP
  • Customer Chit Info
  • Customer Payment Track
  • Customer Payment Request
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Accounting System

  • Chit payment Entries
  • Chit Receipt Entries
  • Customer Cheque Entries
  • Company Cheque Payment
  • Interest Calculation
  • Balance Sheet
  • Day Book
  • Chit Ledger
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Other Transactions

  • Other Transaction Charges
  • Member Removal
  • Collection Activity
  • Auction on Holidays
  • Amount Refund Option
  • Cancel Dividend Option
  • Vacant Group Fill
  • Auction Notifications
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  • Bid Payment Adjustment
  • Advance Adjustment
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  • Add Agent
  • Agent Commission
  • Agent Payment Report
  • Agent Commission Pending Report
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Advatages of maze smart Chit

  • Lead Management
  • Cost Reduction
  • Highly Customizable
  • Enhanced Security
  • User-Friendly featurest
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Enhanced statutory Compliance management
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  • Customer Report
  • Auction Report
  • Group Report
  • Payment Report(pending, release)
  • Outstanding Reports
  • Collection Report
  • Cheque Report
  • Termination Report
  • Enrollment report
  • Vacant report
  • Payment refund report
  • Commitment payment and commitment pending report
  • Receipt report
  • Advance Receipt report
  • Available advance report
  • Other receipt charges
  • Commitment receipt
  • Accounts and day closing report
  • Business agent report
  • Commission payment and pending report

Highlights of MazeChit Software

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Personalized Application

Custom designed, attractive dashboard to make it exclusively custom made for your company Customers have the choice of installing the best-suited package offered by us. Are you confused about which package to buy? We can help customize your chit fund software to your business requirements.

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Customer Support

After-sale customer support and technical support is provided all the year round. Our support team will be happy to assist you with every issue you encounter. You can subscribe for an Annual Maintenance Contract for comprehensive support.

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Mobile Friendly

MazeChit App offers simple, effective solutions to the company owner and his members where customers can access their account on the mobile device from anywhere; a great time-saver.

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New feature releases

Our development team frequently update existing features and add new features. Usually, the customers’ requests and feedbacks are taken while updating the application on a regular basis. Our customers can avail the updated version of the software with complete support from our technical team.

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