Get started with Mazechit in just three steps !

  • Contact us

    The first step is to call or email us for an appointment. Our support team will give you a thorough demo on the process, benefits and product efficiency. The details of the product presentation session will be given to you.

  • Data migration to software

    Once the online chit fund software is installed, we would assist you with the migration of your data to the software. The data should be preferably in any digital format like the excel sheet, or the google sheet format. Any other version of data will be time consuming.

  • Account set up

    The third and final step is to set up your own account which enables you to work independently. Getting started with Mazechit software is simple and our support team will be there to clarify all your initial doubts and see that your operations are not disrupted in any way. In fact, it would speed up all the processes once installed.

Work from anywhere with Mazechit !

As our online chit fund software application is a web based model, the data is stored in the cloud space. Therefore, the application can be accessed via the Internet from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. It is a complete online and offline chit fund management software with an efficient Mobile App.

The mobile application is exclusively created for the chit fund companies to make it flexible to access data and complete transactions wherever the user is. Multiple users such as the owner, employees and the subscribers of the chit funds are given individual access to login and view or complete the tasks they need to do.

Your customers need not reach out to you for every little information on their account status and instead, they can view from their smartphone anywhere, anytime as most of the transactions are paperless.

How Secure is Mazechit?

Our online chit fund software is highly secured and the safety of the users is our priority. We have created this software to not only speed up the transactions for the company but also ensure the safety of your data.

How Cost-Effective is Mazechit?

Automation of all the operations and transactions are fast and efficient. The systematic transactions saves your company from manual work, time and is cost-effective.

  • Limited resource will do:

    The resources needed for the chit fund management is very less as the operations are very easy. Office staff with basic computer knowledge would suffice.

  • Get your software customized:

    You don't have to pay for the entire software. Customization, based on your needs can be done, which would cost less than buying a package by default. Our chit fund software can be custom-made to your company's requirements.

How to manage Multiple Branches with Mazechit?

Single application can effectively manage multiple branches. Your chit fund company can manage, view or analyse all transactions of multiple branches under one integrated software. If you have branches in multiple locations, you can manage it from one single point of access, making operations easier and a great time saver for you.

You can at one glance view the daily analysis report, web coordinated customer report, collections for the day or duration of your choice.You can also generate print outs for any invoice in case there is a need for a physical bill.

What are the Automated features of Mazechit?

  • Outstanding Alert

    All installments due to be paid are notified by emails. The members of the chit fund are intimated on the due date or outstandings by auto generated emails.

  • Collection Alert

    When the collection agent physically goes to collect the installment, the receipt is auto generated to notify the subscriber that the payment is received. Similarly, your company will also get an alert on the receipt of the amount by cash or e-transfer.

  • Auction intimation

    Auto auction intimation through email is sent to all those who are concerned and an auction schedule is also made known. This ensures a smooth auction process which can be done well on schedule.

  • Payment intimation

    Emails and sms alerts are sent to all subscribers notifying the payment due date that will ensure prompt payments and easy follow up.

How effective is accounting system of Mazechit?

Tally posting can be integrated with our Chit fund software, so the receipt and payment will be posted to Tally solutions. Your Chit fund data does not only help you with the day to day operations on it's own but also enables you to integrate it with Tally software.

Apart from initiating effectively the accounting data and the subscriber management data, the chit fund software is integrated with Tally ERP for taxation purposes.This process keeps you updated in your business and accounting that helps in quick decision making as well.

Highlights of MazeChit Software

  • Personalized Application

    Custom designed, attractive dashboard to make it exclusively custom made for your company. Customers have the choice of installing the best-suited package offered by us. Are you confused about which package to buy? We can help customize your chit fund software to your business requirements.

  • Customer Support

    After-sale customer support and technical support is provided all the year round. Our support team will be happy to assist you with every issue you encounter. You can subscribe for an Annual Maintenance Contract for comprehensive support.

  • Mobile Friendly

    MazeChit App offers simple, effective solutions to the company owner and his members where customers can access their account on the mobile device from anywhere; a great time-saver.

  • New feature releases

    Our development team frequently update existing features and add new features. Usually, the customers’ requests and feedbacks are taken while updating the application on a regular basis. Our customers can avail the updated version of the software with complete support from our technical team.

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