Digitizing Operations for
India's Largest Tea Co-operative


INDCOSERVE is the largest Tea Co-operative Federation in India, representing 30,000 small tea growers situated along the foothills of Nilgiris. With over 14 factories spread across the region, INDCOSERVE plays a crucial role in the tea industry.



The client sought to digitize and streamline their entire operational process, ranging from report preparation to incentive calculation.



Manual Transactions:
All activities, including leaf collection, manufacturing, and sales, were carried out manually, leading to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and delay.

Tedious Report Collection:
Manual record-keeping made report collection a daunting task, demanding significant manpower and time.

Lack of Systematic Filing:
The absence of a systematic filing system posed challenges in maintaining and accessing crucial information.



INDCOSERVE faced significant challenges due to manual operations in leaf collection, manufacturing, and sales, resulting in inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and delay.

Determined to overcome the hurdles caused by the above factors, Mazenet embarked on a journey to develop an application that would revolutionize the entire leaf collection process, from start to finish, encompassing incentive management and data retrieval. To optimize the process and eliminate manual efforts, Mazenet proposed the implementation of Tally as the core product, along with technology integrations like Data synchronization, PHP API, and JSON.

With a clear vision in mind, we meticulously gathered extensive data from multiple collection points for analysis. However, a significant challenge arose when the leaves started to dry, leading to discrepancies in weight readings from the integrated weighing machine.

Undeterred, Mazenet leveraged its expertise and creativity to develop a specialized application that effectively tackled the issue of weight loss caused by leaf drying. It was a triumphant feat that successfully addressed the following challenges:

Weighing Machine Integration:
By harmonizing Tally with the weighing machines, Mazenet successfully resolved the issue of weight imbalances caused by leaf dryness ensuring precision and reliability.

Incentive Calculation:
Complex calculations that determined incentives were expertly woven into the Tally system, ensuring accurate and fair compensation.

Streamlined Output:
The team worked diligently to optimize data output, facilitating efficient analysis and reporting.

In their quest for the perfect solution, we designated Tally as the cornerstone of their accounting needs, while harnessing the power of technology integrations like Data synchronization, PHP API, and JSON.

Mazenet successfully transformed the leaf collection process, leaving a lasting impact with enhanced data management, improved accuracy, and heightened operational efficiency.

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The implementation of the solution yielded several positive outcomes for INDCOSERVE

Real-time Data
Predictive Analytics

With our Tea module integrated with Tally, the client gained the ability to track their financial status in real-time. Leveraging this real-time data, they could predict future trends, empowering them to make well-informed decisions for their business's success.

User-friendly Interface and Efficient Business Management

The Tea module's integration with Tally provided clients with a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience. This user-friendly design simplified financial processes, allowing for efficient business management. Through analysis and optimization of financial operations, clients experienced improved overall performance.


By implementing a systematic and automated approach, our solution minimized manual work, streamlining operations for our clients. This resulted in increased efficiency, as workflows were optimized.