The Biggest Update in 30 Years!

Company Setup

Simpler Company Setup! Configure only what you need.

GoTo Bar

Open any Screen or Report without abandoning the current activity.

Top Menu Bar

Now you can Multi-task in Tally.

Change View

Get a different prespective of your reports.

Refreshing Look

All the great features of Tally with a simple and pleasing design

Mouse Compatability

TallyPrime is 100% compatible with your mouse to Click, Drag and Navigate


With GoTo button and the Top Menu you can multitask with a click!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copy and paste

Optimised Printing

Save up to 80% of your paper while printing with Tally

Mail/Print at Once

Send emails or print anything from any screen you are working in

Simplify the Simplest

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