Global Technology Solutions for Digital Education

Our Smart Campus solutions include digital classrooms, campus Wi-Fi, communication systems that support remote learning and facilitate attending educational events across the globe. Solutions also include labs with high-end technology for learning and practising a wide range of topics including cybersecurity.

Manage your entire campus with physical security solutions which include CCTVs and thermal sensors to monitor expansive spaces and keep access controlled to ensure security. Eliminate redundant IT infrastructure and opt for XaaS to set up a virtual infrastructure that will lower infrastructure costs and remove maintenance costs and manual labour.

  •  Infrastructure Solution

    Infrastructure Solution

  • Cloud Migration Solution

    Cloud Migration Solution

  •  Video Conferencing Solution

    Video Conferencing Solution

  • Data Backup solution

    Data Backup solution

  • Network Security Solution

    Network Security Solution

Infrastructure Solution

We implement the entire IT infrastructure suite needed to run your business. We provide the entire range of services from setting up individual systems to setting up complex datacentres. We also standardize the implemented solutions to suit your business needs and to start working without downtime. We provide a remote helpdesk to ensure smooth and error-free functionality.

Cloud Migration Solution

We offer migration solutions to the public, private and hybrid cloud environment. Transfer your digital assets, resources and services or applications to the cloud seamlessly and deploy your business processes without any downtime. We keep our services agile, flexible and scalable to grow and adapt as per your future business requirements.

Video Conferencing Solution

We offer the best video conferencing solutions at affordable prices. Solutions include high definition cameras and voice systems that are intuitive and auto-focus on the person presenting. The solution allows interactive document and file-sharing systems with clear communications even at slower internet connections.

Data Backup Solution

Data Backup is crucial since all businesses are prone to manual and technological error and failure. Mazenet offers agile and automated data backup solutions that are disaster-proof and is also resilient to malware and virus attacks. We provide a one-stop solution to all your data protection and backup requirements.

Network Security Solution

Protect your network with advanced malware and virus defence solutions. We provide anti-virus and firewall solutions that provide complete protection from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and ransomware. We test the security of your defence lines with simulated attacks to look for weak areas and to strengthen the security solutions.

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