Solutions for Rail, Road and Air Transport

We build resilient infrastructure with networks that has stable GPS connectivity to support transport services. We provide end-to-end solutions that can completely automate the entire ticketing and customer service processes leading to error-free services with very low manual labour. Solutions also include connectivity offerings to establish communication between branches at various locations.

We also provide pay as you go services for your IT infrastructure. This reduces the risk and cost of owning a complex IT architecture. With XaaS, you can take your entire operation to the cloud and pay only for the services that you use. This solution eliminates maintenance costs and is much cheaper than a traditional IT architecture.

  • Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure Management

  • Security Solution

    Security Solution

  • Video Conferencing Solution

    Video Conferencing Solution

  • GPS Solution

    GPS Solution

  • Cloud Migration Solution

    Cloud Computing

  • Data Backup solution

    Data Backup Solution

Infrastructure Management

We implement the entire IT infrastructure suite needed to run your business. We provide the entire range of services from setting up individual systems to setting up complex datacentres. We also standardize the implemented solutions to suit your business needs and to start working without downtime. We provide a remote helpdesk to ensure smooth and error-free functionality.

Security Solution

We provide end-to-end security solutions to secure your premises from intruders. Security solutions include CCTVs, thermal sensors and access control & limitation varying with the log-in credentials. The entire premise is set up with monitoring systems that record and replay to ensure campus security.

Video Conferencing Solution

We offer the best video conferencing solutions at affordable prices. Solutions include high definition cameras and voice systems that are intuitive and auto-focus on the person who is currently presenting with HD audio and video clarity. The solution allows interactive document and file-sharing systems with clear communications even at slower internet connections.

GPS Solution

We offer GPS solutions that would help monitor your fleet & transport services and provide information for customer service. The feed from the GPS solutions can help automate your logistics and thereby cut down on manpower and save time.

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