About Mazenet

Dynamically disintermediate technically sound technologies with compelling quality vectors error-free communities.

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About Mazenet

Mazenet Technology (NASSCOM, CMMi, and Microsoft Gold Partner) is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company. We provide the services like Mobile App development, Web Development, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing and with emerging technologies to our clients and make them successful. Mazenet has been providing scalable, reliable and highly efficient solutions to clientele across the World. Mazenet provides Gold level Customer Support, which we strive to achieve and have done so successfully, what we believe in is treating each and every customer of ours as kings whereby they are delighted and thrilled with the work that we do for them and we become their customers of choice.

mazenettech.com is built upon the strong base of expert professionals from various domains. Mazenet has a dedicated team of professionals always stands in the front row to accomplish our mission. Mazenet is proud to offer enthusiastic technology professionals and services, committed to delivering value for all of your technology needs.

Known for our outstanding customer centricity and personalizing needs, Mazenet delights its every stake holder through its splendorous working culture and efficient working force.

With a much capable, techy and management team, Mazenet excels its run and serve its customer with current market trends and help them to achieve their goal.

One Stop shop
Mazenet has served as a one stop shop every time for its customer. May it be mobile App development, may it be cyber security, may it be staffing or may it be any other support functioning Mazenet have been the preferred choice for its customer which is built out of long time reputation.

Data Security
Mazenet follow a strict data security policy. Considering the viability of the customer's data, lots of measures have been put in practice. Through Periodic audits, intense coaching, and strict infra structures, Mazenet provides 100 % information security to its customer.

Services reach the customer in stipulated time and stipulated way of order, that is what Mazenet works for. The delivery model is highly effective and flawless here. The operating system functions in a transparent and back up recovery mode which allows any small deviations identifiable and rectified in no time.

Quality and Assurance
It's not just quality measures, but quality thinking is installed in Mazenet. 0 % tolerance towards SLA deviations, regular meetings and strict surveillance for quality is set in place. Even a fresher in the organization is educated completely on the quality measures and regular coaching and skill updations keep happening.

Making every department SIX Sigma way of working is the target of our quality team.

Technical, data support, human support and every field of stake holdings are managed with a backup for no stop flow of business. A lot of strategic thinking is invested in making sure the process keeps moving accommodating all the run expectancies.