Quality Assurance
and Testing

Our Quality Assurance and Testing service is a highly creative, out-of-the-box engagement, and often results in new vulnerabilities

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Our Quality Assurance and Testing service is a highly creative, out-of-the-box engagement, and often results in new vulnerabilities being discovered or a new tool being developed from such an exercise. Our teams are highly passionate and committed to doing a comprehensive assessment assuring the best standards.

Web Application Security Testing

In this type of penetration test, we assess the security of the application by focusing on remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, application architecture, design and implementation. We also assess the controls with respect to user access, privilege levels, development and delivery, and overall design of the applications. This helps to give the total threat profile of your web application environment.

Network Penetration Testing

This type of a penetration test involves identifying the targets through Google searches, WHOIS, DNS queries, etc. Fingerprinting and identifying vulnerabilities.

Automated port identification

In large and very large networks, what is required is an automated way to periodically scan a large range of IP addresses, determine what ports are open, and attempt to identify the service running on those ports. An important activity is to produce trending analyses reports, which show new IP addresses or new ports that have appeared since the last scan was run

Risk-based Penetration Testing

The days and age of tool-based scanning is long over. The need of the hour is for the penetration testing team to understand the business risks associated with the application and build test cases accordingly

Continuous Testing & Validation

Software development today is increasingly complex. Rapidly changing technology, data mining and analysis, mobile access and applications, are driving the growth of DevOps (Development and Operations) and Agile development processes. Both are designed for fast, flexible, defect-free development. Automation, continuous delivery improvements, and continuous testing and validation are key success factors in DevOps and Agile environments.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a key quality assurance testing protocol for all software applications. If software does not function as designed, it will not be accepted and used. Mazenet's functional testing goes beyond function, extending to basic usability and build quality – ensuring your software performs as expected in real-life scenarios. Our functional testing services include:

System Testing

We help evaluate your system as a whole and test its compliance against a variety of parameters. We ensure the system and its modules are well integrated and interfaced during the system's integration phase.

Regression Testing

We ensure that the application works as expected after improvements and fixes have been applied to it. We analyze the potential impact of the changes in a test environment, applying both manual and automated regression testing approaches. Our regression testing solution covers all types of changes to the application, including bug fixes, new features, enhanced functionality, code patching, interface changes, and integration with other applications.

User Acceptance Testing

We understand that user acceptance is the goal for your development. We work with you from the requirement definition phase to define the user needs and manage the user acceptance testing process.

Security Testing

No testing is complete without measuring the security of the applications. We help uncover vulnerabilities in applications – web, mobile, and web services – and associated modules by performing static and dynamic security testing. Our data management expertise will help you in data security validation for role-based authentication and authorization testing.

Test Automation

Test automation is at the core of our testing services for digital transformation. With test automation, we help reduce the time required for testing while increasing the testing scenarios you can run and improving the consistency of your testing protocols. With reusable frameworks, script engines and proprietary tools, we assist clients accelerate functional and regression testing across multiple technologies. Our key test automation helps you with:

  • Automation assessment and advisory
  • Defining and develop automation frameworks to automate testing of all applications and systems across business processes
  • Implement automation testing tools
  • Development of custom automated testing solutions for special requirements
  • Migration of test automation tools from one platform to another
Big Data Testing

Big data projects require a robust testing strategy for successful execution. Mazenet offers comprehensive testing solutions, from data acquisition to data analytics testing. Our capabilities include:

  • Big data source extraction testing and validation
  • Data migration testing
  • Data performance testing
  • Data analytics and visualization testing
  • Data security testing
Predictive Analytics in Quality Assurance & Testing

Mazenet's experience and expertise in predictive analytics drives maximum efficiencies out of testing process. Using our predictive analytics expertise, we help predict failure points and potential operational risks well in advance to avoid delays and cost increases. Improve the planning and quality for your testing processes, enabling faster time to market.

The Mazenet Advantage
  • Expertise in various testing tools such as visual studio ultimate, HP performance center, Quick Test Professional (QTP) and Selenium
  • Cross industry and domain expertise to leverage practical scenarios and application performance no matter which industry you belong to
  • Platform versatility including cloud, on premise, web apps, APIs, and other web services
  • In-house, ready-to-use frameworks and tools for faster ROI
  • Extensive test automation to leverage business scenarios
  • Robust project management process saving time and costs