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Steer clear of the project pitfalls with our Software Development Services

Software Development Services

Many small and medium-sized software projects face failure due to various challenges, including inadequate project management, resource mismanagement, lack of effective business analysis, and inadequate technology consultation. These factors often result in delays, budget overruns, and ultimately, project failure.

However, by partnering with us, you can overcome these obstacles and ensure project success. Our services encompass expert Project Management to ensure timelines and budgets are meticulously controlled, efficient Resource Management to optimize team productivity, thorough Business Analysis to align project objectives with business goals, and insightful Technology Consultation to leverage cutting-edge tools and strategies.

And here's the biggest Mazenet advantage - you have the flexibility to select one or multiple services on an as-needed basis to suit your requirements!

Resource Management

Unparalleled project success comes with top-notch Resource Management. Leverage our 23 years of experience to grab the best minds to build resilient software products.

  • Access a massive database of 4.5 lakh+ pre-vetted resource pools.
  • Assess and hire the best resources and SMEs on contract basis for your projects.
  • Hire them based on project-specific skills and roles.
  • We can also train the pre-vetted resources to perfectly match your project requirements.

Project Management


Let your idea become a real-world solution with our end-toend Project Management Service

  • We build/leverage competent engineering teams in alignment with your requirements.
  • We offer you the advantage to choose tech stacks keeping in mind the future scope of the project.
  • We implement efficient project management tools and best practices like periodic reviews to deliver fully tested robust projects on time, everytime!
  • Our service extends beyond development - deployment and maintenance can be included too!
  • Our portfolio of work spans covers a broad spectrum of industries from manufacturing and agriculture to cryptos and ERPS.

Product Portfolio

Explore our diverse portfolio of meticulously crafted products, each a testament to our team's expertise and dedication.

Chit Fund Software
Asset Management
Crowd Sale
Crypto Wallet
Auditors ERP
Billing Software
Marketing Software
Task Management
Production App

Technology Consultation

Well-begun is half-done! Get consulted for the best technologies from our expert team of SMEs and architects.

  • 1000+ Subject Matter experts with minimum 8 years of hands-on experience in real-time projects to consult with.
  • Access to more than one SME incase if you want to double check.
  • Insightful and data-driven consultations keeping in mind the futuristic scope of the project like scalability,
  • Mitigate all possible roadblocks overlooked by development teams and build realistic roadmaps.

Artificial Intelligence

(AR) & (VR)

Internet of Things (IoT)

5G Technology

Quantum Computing



Business Analysis


Propel your projects forward with actionable insights from our Business Analysis service.

  • Our Business Analysts meticulously document technical details, create comprehensive specifications, and establish a roadmap for development.
  • Facilitates communication between the client, the development team, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the requirements and the proposed solution.
  • Our team can also extend help to create test cases that cover all the requirements.
  • Evaluate project outcomes, gather feedback, and iterate on processes to enhance future projects.
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